Open Tuesday-Friday 11-2pm! Mask friendly and open for dine-in and takeout!
There is currently no active menu today.

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Happy Friday y'all! Hope you'll join our Real.Good.Community. for some fresh summertime cuisine, today! We are serving a Southwestern style Bison and Vegetable Soup or a Curried Coconut, Basil, and Cauliflower Bisque. Our entrees will be a Blackened Amber Jack Filet with a Lemon Feta Caper Sauce, or a Local Squash and Corn Fritter for our vegetarian option. Our sides include; Gorgeous, Local Heirloom Tomatoes with an optional Pesto, a Fresh Basil and Cantaloupe Salad, Corn on the Cob with a Local Herb Chimichurri and Compound Butter, and a Local Mixed Green Salad. Finally, our desserts today will be a Lemon Cake with Whipped Cream and Strawberry Reduction or a Chocolate Chip Cookie.

It's another beautiful day in the High Country! Today we are serving up fresh local dishes with notes from the Mediterranean and lots of vegetarian and vegan friendly options. Our soups today are a Local Squash and Basil Bisque and a Lemon Chicken Soup with Local Greens. Entrees include a Penne, Sausage, and Local Vegetable dish and a Penne and Local Vegetable dish. Our sides are a Watermelon Gazpacho Coleslaw, an Herbed Mushroom and Local Cherry Tomato Salad, Fried Artichokes with Roasted Garlic and Feta Aioli, and a Local Mixed Green Salad.

Good morning High Country! Today's menu features summer time dishes to help beat the heat. We have a watermelon gazpacho and a summer vegetable bisque for soups today. The entrees will be local Springer Mountain roasted chicken with a cilantro gremolata, or roasted portabella with cilantro gremolata. Our sides feature fresh local vegetables with a corn and vegetable salad, Chirello Strawberries (balsamic, citrus, honey, and pepper), and a local mixed green salad. We hope to see you all soon!

Good morning, High Country! Our chefs are cooking up a great meal this morning, so come by and let us see your beautiful smiles! It's meatball day at the cafe. Choose from meatballs made with local beef, bison, and sausage or Mushroom crumble balls made with local veggies! Soup options include a creamy tomato bisque and a ham and white bean soup. Rounding out the meal are our sides: 1. Roasted local veggies 2. Sliced local tomatoes with minted garlic oil 3. Herbed citrus rice with almonds. See y'all soon!